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Gain a complete understanding of the fundamentals of corporate cash management. Starting with the cash conversion cycle, the course explores how cash flows in and out of a company and how liquidity levels can be managed. Using case studies and real world examples, attendees learn how the concepts and practices are applied to real-life scenarios.

Total course length: 8 hours
Individual sessions are available for purchase (2 hours each).
Individual Session Pricing: Member: $150, Non-member: $250

Session 1: Objectives, Background & Tools
Review the major functions of cash management within the treasury function. Examine the financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement and the statement of cash flows and financial concepts including time value of money, opportunity cost, leverage and interest. Click here to purchase Session 1 separately.

Session 2: Payments, Collections, Concentration & Disbursements
Gain insights into the main cash collection, concentration, and disbursement methods and systems along with the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and costs of the major methods. Also gain understanding of the basics of financial institution relationship management. Click here to purchase Session 2 separately.

Session 3: Forecasting & Liquidity Management
Learn about the importance of liquidity and review important financial accounting and liquidity measurement concepts. Learn how short-term forecasts can assist in planning cash management activities such as making short-term investing and borrowing decisions. Click here to purchase Session 3 separately.

Session 4: Cross Border Cash Management & Financial Risk
Explore payment methods used in cross-border value transfers as well as in foreign countries and techniques such as pooling and netting used to manage international cash flows. Review the benefits of financial risk management. Click here to purchase Session 4 separately.

Click here for information on CTP/CCM, FP&A and CPE credit requirements.

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Jim Washam, PhD, CTP, FP&A
Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs, College of Business, Arkansas State University

Dr. Washam serves as Associate Dean, Director of Undergraduate Programs, and a member of the Finance faculty at Arkansas State University. His primary teaching areas include corporate finance, fixed income markets, cash management, and international financial markets.

Dr. Washam is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and has served as Vice President of the Mid South Association for Financial Professionals. He has served the national AFP as a member of the Pinnacle Award committee, a CCM hotline volunteer, and as a member of the AFP's CCM Review and CME faculty. Dr. Washam holds a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Mississippi.