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Corporates Make Slow Return to Prime Money Funds
Treasury departments appear to be gradually warming up again to prime money market funds. But the funds may have lost their status as a primary vehicle for corporates to stash cash.


Corporates Shouldn’t Sleep on PSD2
Europe has seen a lot of buzz and discussions around the Revised Payments Services Directive, or PSD2. It hasn’t received a whole lot of attention in the United States—but that soon may change. And it needs to.


Australia’s Real Time Payments System Released to the Public
Last week, real-time, data-rich payments were released to the public in Australia. With this launch, corporates and consumers all across Australia can now transfer funds instantly.


How FP&A and Investor Relations Intersect in Work and Career Pathways
FP&A and investor relations share a similar family tree, have elements that look the same, but maintain separate identities. They each have good information to offer each other that can make both parties better at their responsibilities. They also represent potential intertwining career paths and potentially broadening career development for the finance professional.


Treasurers, Who Is Your Amazon?
Who is your Amazon? What do you need to do to step up to the operational challenge and compete with the major players in your industry?


Managing Gray Swan Events
AFP's new Executive Guide, underwritten by OpenLink, provides insights on how treasury and finance executives can address gray swan events.


Shark Tank’s Daymond John to Keynote AFP 2018
Fans of ABC’s hit TV series Shark Tank won’t want to miss AFP 2018, as Daymond John is set to keynote the event.


12 Practical Steps FP&A Can Take to Reduce Volatility
In times of volatility and stress, one role of FP&A is to lower the blood pressure of the organization.


How Effective is Data Visualization?
Are we presenting information in a way that enables decision-makers to instantly absorb the key points from the data we’ve amassed and make better decisions?


The Equifax Breach Is a Wake-Up Call for Corporates
With the CFPB scaling back its probe of the Equifax breach, it's clear that the corporations themselves must be the ones to be proactive about protecting data.


How Can FP&A Assemble Its A-Team?
How can FP&A leaders identify, attract and hire the best talent?


Beyond the Huddle: Peyton Manning to Keynote AFP 2018
Five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning has been announced as a keynote speaker at AFP 2018.


NACHA, Accenture Team Up for API Standardization
NACHA and Accenture have joined forces to support API standardization across the U.S. payments system.


To Fly Like the Eagles, FP&A Professionals Must Trust Their Analytics
The Philadelphia Eagles' approach has significant implications for finance. We live in a time of new data and analytical techniques that can provide advantages if we know how to use them, and are brave enough to use them.


Study: U.S. Firms May Be Willing to Deploy Cash
U.S. corporates may finally be ready to deploy cash, according to the latest AFP Corporate Cash Indicators®.


What is the Key to FP&A and Winning the Super Bowl? Don't Beat Yourself.
How can your FP&A team make sure that your organization does not lose in the marketplace by beating itself or making unforced errors that lead to excess effort, time, cost, or sacrificed revenue?


KYC: It’s Time to Put All Your Data in One Place
What would a centralized KYC repository look like and what problems could its implementation run into? Tom Hunt, CTP, Director of Treasury Services at AFP dives into this idea.


Excel: Finance's Universal Language
Since the lates 1980s Excel has dominated the financial reporting landscape and the software shows no signs of wearing down.


5 Ways FP&A Professionals Can Be Better Data Consumers
We ingest data, analyze and interpret it, then apply our business savvy to make it more useful, and then deliver that to the next person. But are we doing this well?


3 Ways Budgets Guide and Reflect Your Organization’s Culture
A webinar discussing the results of the 2017 FP&A survey, How Relevant is Your Budget?, found that the budgeting process shapes and reflects the organizational culture in which it operates.


AFP Makes Recommendations for Same Day ACH Expansion
AFP has responded to NACHA’s request for comment on expanding Same Day ACH. AFP supports the expansion overall, but made some recommendations for how it could best benefit corporate end-users.


Business Risk: A Top Concern for Finance Professionals
Tom Hunt, CTP, Director of Treasury Service for AFP, discusses the results of the 2018 AFP Risk Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center. Respondents to this year's survey were concerned with business risk.


IFRS 9 Offers Treasurers New Hedging Opportunities
With the New Year comes the new accounting standard for financial instruments, IFRS 9, which replaces the IAS 39 regulations.


CTP Body of Knowledge Committee: Volunteers Needed
AFP is seeking experts to participate on the CTP Body of Knowledge Committee. The Committee has a vital role in the editorial process of The Essentials of Treasury Management.


Setting Your Risk Appetite Amid High Volatility
Organizations must establish their risk appetite as they plan around volatility. All businesses incur a degree of risk, but how much they want to take on varies heavily.


Survey: Few Finance Pros Are Fully Prepared for Tech Risk
The 2018 AFP Risk Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center, found that few finance professionals are preparing for technology risk.


How to Help Non-Finance Audiences Understand Finance Information
Crafting any successful presentation requires understanding the audience, and for finance professionals, that includes how you present quantitative information to non-financial people.


Choosing an Optimal TMS in the Changing Vendor Landscape
Before thinking about talking to vendors and analyzing the treasury management system (TMS) landscape to find the optimal solution, you should answer the question, “What am I trying to achieve?”


Diversity is Good for the Bottom Line
Jenifer Herdin, CTP, Director of International Treasury for Viacom Inc., explains why assembling teams of diverse people is highly beneficial for companies.


FinCEN Pushes FBAR Deadline Back Further
Corporate treasury professionals have received some more FBAR relief, as FinCEN has again extended the filing deadline.


How FP&A Can Lead a System Deployment
With the increased adoption of cloud technologies, more responsibility of technology selection is shifting from IT professionals to FP&A teams.


Why Should Finance Be Buzzing About Artisanal Trends?
How can finance embrace customized, local, artisanal consumer desires with the need for efficiency and ruthless price competition?


Treasurers Ponder the Impact of Corporate Tax Reform
Will corporate tax reform cause corporates to substantially shake up their investment plans?


Could Real Time Payments Dethrone the Almighty Check?
At long last, the United States has a real-time payments system. I really think—and hope—that this marks the beginning of a new era for payments in the United States. But if that’s truly going to happen, it will mean letting go of one constant in our payments system—the paper check.


Cash Conversion Cycles Are Sharply Shrinking. Here’s Why.
Corporations have become more efficient in managing working capital over the past few decades. This is likely due to treasury reducing inefficiencies.


Out With the Old: How Finance Professionals Can Wrap Up Big Projects
Wrapping up a big project requires more than just executing on a final deliverable.


Technology Can Bridge the Gap Between Finance Functions
Jean Furter, Vice President, Treasurer of Brocade Communications Systems, discusses how technology can bring treasury and FP&A closer together.


New Year's Resolutions for Finance in 2018 - One for Each Month
In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, and tailored for the finance audience, my goals for 2018 of things to learn and do, one for each month.


Companies Can't Quit The Budget
Years of a criticism of budgeting doesn’t appear to have dented companies’ commitments to the budget process, a new AFP member survey has found.


When Does Using Interim Treasury Resources Make Sense?
In today’s world of doing more with less, using interim treasury resources can be a way of continuing to operate and achieve change initiatives.


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