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Treasury Leads Efforts Behind Debt Offerings, Roadshows

John Hintze, gtnews | 20 April

Akamai Technologies’ convertible offering in 2014 was the apex of months of the preparation, much of it culminating in the deal’s earlier investor roadshow. While chief executives and financial officers tend to headline those events, treasury typically coordinates the multi-faceted efforts leading up to the presentations.

Repo Trades – A Key T2S Issue for Treasurers?

Nick Nicholls, GFT Group | 20 April

As June fast approaches, Europe’s post-trading landscape is getting closer to experiencing a dramatic change: TARGET2-Securities (T2S). Although corporate treasurers’ attitudes toward the market initiative are generally positive, there are concerns surrounding one key area – repo transactions.

European Turbulence: How Treasurers Weathered the Storm

Peter Williams, gtnews | 17 April

Ask European treasurers about the turbulent conditions that they have endured over the past few years and the most likely response is that they will start talking about their bankers. The financial crisis has left scars across the European economies and has fundamentally altered the relationships that bankers have with their corporate clients.

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