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Escaping NFC’s Groundhog Day

Dr. Windsor Holden , Juniper Research | 27 March

For several years, mobile contactless payments were trapped in a scenario from the film “Groundhog Day”, in as much as next year was always going to be The Year of Near Field Communication (NFC). Suddenly, two major developments have put an end to the inertia.

The Four Pillars of Mobile Payments

Sunil Sachdev, Fiserv | 26 March

With the proliferation of mobile devices worldwide, consumers are becoming more comfortable using them to complete financial transactions. Retailers, financial institutions and telecommunications companies need to focus on these immediate opportunities to cater to the increasingly sophisticated demands of their customers.

Case Study: Merging Multiples at DONG Energy

Lone Bang Jespersen, Nordea | 25 March

The formation of Denmark’s DONG Energy from six separate energy companies in 2006 presented a series of challenges when merging departments, establishing a single treasury department and integrating areas such as payment systems. This case study describes two major projects undertaken by the group while working with Nordea.

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