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Technology: A Tonic for Treasury Reporting

Kelvin Walton, TreasuryWise | 14 August

gtnews’s treasury technology series has focused on the ways in which technology, in the form of treasury management systems (TMSs) and complementary services such as confirmation management, market data and bank communications support cash and risk management, accounting and other treasury business functions. This article considers the various aspects of treasury reporting that are encountered when evaluating and using TMSs. Today’s cost-effective technology makes powerful reporting solutions practically available to more organisations.

Interview: Emerging Stronger from Tough Times at Aleris

Ellen Cornelissen , Aleris | 8 August

Ellen Cornelissen has been director of treasury, Europe, at Aleris - one of the world's major processors of aluminium - since 2009 and is also a member of the gtnews editorial board. In this wide-ranging interview with gtnews, she recounts how the company survived and ultimately emerged stronger from the glbal financial crisis of 2008-09 and the prospects for Alerirs now that the economic background appears to be brightening.

Case Study: Texhong RMB International Liquidity Management

Tsz Wai Hui, Texhong Textile Group | 7 August

This case study, which is based upon an entry that won the Global Treasury category at the gtnews Awards 2014, explains how Texhong, a Chinese cotton textile manufacturer with operations in Vietnam, Macao, Hong Kong and elsewhere, introduced a cross-border renminbi (RMB) automated sweeping solution so that it could manage its Chinese liquidity and its overseas working capital requirements. Working with a Citi solution the corporate treasury can now mobilise cash generated in China and send it to global subsidiaries on the same day.

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