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Analysing Liquidity using the Cash Conversion Cycle

Gil Gadot , Fundtech | 24 July

The global financial crisis of 2008-09 triggered a radical reshaping of the corporate treasury landscape. While moving cash around a company as efficiently and effectively as possible is an age-old problem for treasurers, its successful management has become even more challenging in the post-crisis era.

Building a Currency Exchange Strategy for Your Business

Michael Ward, USForex | 23 July

Business owners prepare for the worst, taking out assurances by choice and by law to protect their company. Yet for some reason, while they protect their creditors and bottom line at home, when entrepreneurs go abroad they often overlook one detail that can make the difference between a good quarter and one they’d rather forget.

Bank Payment Obligation: A Tortoise in the Race?

Oliver Spitz, UniCredit | 17 July

Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs), are becoming a popular alternative to both letters of credit (LCs) and open accounts, with their use predicted to catch up with LCs by 2020. This article outlines the benefits and also explains why until now take-up has been fairly subdued.

Treasury Going Global: Best Practices to Support International Expansion

Raoul de Mos , Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions - Jill Tosi , Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions | 11 July

As international economic activity continues to increase, many organisations actively seek opportunities to further expand their operations through global trading relationships. For treasurers, this expansion can be both exciting and terrifying. In fact, company growth presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. The pressures of international expansion have the very real tendency to magnify current shortcomings, even in core activities, as well as presenting new challenges for the treasury department. This article explores both the benefits and potential pitfalls.

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