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Strategies for Managing a Weaker Euro, part 1

Laurens Tijdhof, Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions - Tobias Westermaier, Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions | 17 December

The depreciation of the euro (EUR) against the US dollar (USD) by about 10% since May 2014 has once again led corporate treasuries to focus their attention on their foreign exchange (FX) risk management activities and the performance of their hedging programmes. Part one of a two-part article examines the exposures created by the currency’s decline.

Illuminating the Dark Side of Cash Visibility

Paul Ormrod, Cashfac Technologies | 16 December

The focus on operational cash management increased significantly in 2014. With the ending of dollar quantitative easing (QE) 2015 has the potential for increased volatility in FX markets and a drive for greater control over sovereign currencies. All of this puts more pressure on the treasury function, forcing an even bigger focus on transparency across cash operations.

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