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Focus on Switzerland: Harmonising Payment Formats

Daniel Neubauer , Hanse Orga Group - Thomas Keim , Hanse Orga Group | 16 January

The harmonisation of payments offers great potential for achieving more efficiency, better data security and significant cost reductions. This was the reason not only for the recent introduction of standardised single euro payments area (SEPA) payment formats across Europe, but also provided the rationale for Switzerland to harmonise its many different national payment formats.

SEPA: From Compliance to Innovation

Mark McNulty, Citi - Edith Rigler, gtnews Freelance Consultant | 29 September

The pressure to be compliant with the single euro payments area (SEPA) end date, originally 1 February 2014 before a six-month extension was granted, led many banks to adopt tactical rather than strategic solutions. Despite the addition of an extra transition period to bring credit transfers and direct debit payments into the SEPA format, some banks are still adopting a compliance-only approach.

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