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Seizing the Opportunities to Improve Cash Management Efficiency

Frank-Oliver Wolf , Commerzbank | 25 June

While moving cash around a company as efficiently and effectively as possible is an age-old problem for treasurers, its successful management has become more challenging post-crisis. Yet many businesses could improve their treasury operations by using all instruments available to them. This article outlines a five point programme for cash management optimisation - covering all aspects of national and global cash management - which can provide solutions.

Beyond SEPA: Cash Managers Still Have Much to Do After the Deadline

Erol Bozak, TIS | 29 April

For cash managers of larger companies, the single euro payments area (SEPA) represents a constant challenge, with big changes coming on an almost weekly basis. The focus has now shifted to the new changeover deadline of 1 August 2014. Despite the postponement, it looks like a good number of companies will still not be fully SEPA-ready by the new deadline - they simply started their preparations too late.

Spreading the SEPA Spirit

Markus Straußfeld, UniCredit | 12 February

Despite the recent six-month stay of execution to 1 August 2014, one can safely say the single euro payments area (SEPA) has arrived. Indeed, the European Commission’s (EC) granting of some breathing space - in which payments differing from the new SEPA formats can still be accepted - makes no difference to the fact that credit transfer and direct debit schemes across the SEPA area now operate within a single payments system.

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