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SEPA 2014 and Beyond: Generate the Efficiencies and Stay Engaged in the Debate

Javier Santamaría, European Payments Council (EPC) | 25 August

In this article, the European Payment Council’s (EPC) chair emphasises that the single euro payments Area (SEPA) remains a work in progress: European Union (EU) law defines the next SEPA deadlines as applicable in 2016. Corporates are encouraged to not stop at SEPA compliance, but to focus on generating the efficiencies. Last but not least, EU regulatory action intended to bring about ‘SEPA 2.0’ is now in the pipeline.

Life after SEPA

Arn Knol, Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions | 25 August

While the first month of 2014 was a very exciting time for all those involved in the single euro payments area (SEPA), delaying the deadline by six months mean that July came and went without much excitement. That attention has moved elsewhere in the interim is also reflected on this very website; since February 1 only 25 articles published on gtnews have referred to SEPA whereas the period before this date saw an impressive total of 519 articles mention SEPA in one way or another.

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