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Autoneum’s Payment Factory Implementation: Lessons Learned

Janko Hahn, Autoneum | 17 June

In 2012, Autoneum’s treasury department faced several challenges in regards to transparency over liquidity, payment transactions and payment execution. Autoneum, a Swiss automotive industry supplier, has centralised treasury operations. However, it had more than 100 bank accounts globally across the legal units, over 45 bank relationships and large positions of locally based cash with many non-core banks.

Product Pruning: Treasury’s Key Role

John Hintze, gtnews | 27 April

Unilever has sold off food brands; General Electronic recently announced the sale of its iconic appliance business and plans to sell most of its finance arm; Hewlett-Packard has been finding new homes for units domestically and abroad; Baxter International is splitting itself in two, creating a new biopharmaceutical company. And the list goes on…

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