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SEPA: Mission Accomplished or Work in Progress?

Joanna Wright, Fundtech | 21 August

Having insisted that the 1 February 2014 deadline for corporates to complete migration to the single euro payments area (SEPA) was non-negotiable, at the eleventh hour the European Commission agreed to a six-month extension and moved the date back to 1 August. The concession was granted as it became clear that many electronic payments in Europe would otherwise fail.

Treasury Going Global: Best Practices to Support International Expansion

Raoul de Mos , Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions - Jill Tosi , Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions | 11 July

As international economic activity continues to increase, many organisations actively seek opportunities to further expand their operations through global trading relationships. For treasurers, this expansion can be both exciting and terrifying. In fact, company growth presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. The pressures of international expansion have the very real tendency to magnify current shortcomings, even in core activities, as well as presenting new challenges for the treasury department. This article explores both the benefits and potential pitfalls.

Don´t Make the Second Step Before the First One: From BAM to eBAM

Jörg Wiemer, TIS | 14 May

For a certain time now, “Electronic Bank Account Management” (eBAM) has been a hot topic within the finance sector. EBAM functionalities include the electronic opening and closing of accounts and the exchange of information such as new and extinct subscription privileges. The standard is intended to ensure the exchange of information between banks and custom-ers for transparency, centralisation, efficiency, cost reduction and compliance with govern-ance requirements.

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