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Institutional Investors and the Infrastructure Investment Paradox

Judith Donnelly , Clyde & Co | 28 August

The central paradox facing the infrastructure industry today is that while some 60% of institutional investors have underspent their allocations to infrastructure, there is a global shortfall of investment in infrastructure of over US$1 trillion per year. The gap can be bridged though, by improving communication between stakeholders and structuring investment opportunities with the needs of institutional investors in mind.

Piecing Together the UK Property Puzzle

Richard Hunter, Hargreaves Lansdown | 27 August

Much has been written about the possibility of a property bubble in the UK, but the market is a difficult one to measure. Given the dramatic differences in Central London market, the rest of London, the South East, other pockets where prices are rising such as Manchester and Bristol, attempting to take an average can be both a dangerous and misleading indicator.

Case Study: Siemens Introduces CNY as a Global Invoicing Currency

Stefan Harfich, Siemens AG | 22 August

This case study, which is based upon an entry that won the Payments category at the gtnews Awards 2014, explains how Siemens AG now offers Chinese yuan (CNY), also referred to as renminbi or CNH in Hong Kong, as an additional currency so that its group companies outside of China can pay third party suppliers and collect from third party customers in China and within Siemens. As well as making CNY a global invoicing currency, Siemens has eliminated its old hedging programme and is moving its exposure offshore to a more competitive environment.

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