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Bitcoin and Building the Programmable Economy

John Hintze, gtnews | 25 November

A major annoyance for American companies paying suppliers outside the US, or receiving payments from foreign customers, are the fees levied by the relatively few large correspondent banks. This small group has to be used by all other banks in order to complete the foreign exchange (FX) component.

SEPA: From Compliance to Innovation

Mark McNulty, Citi - Edith Rigler, gtnews Freelance Consultant | 29 September

The pressure to be compliant with the single euro payments area (SEPA) end date, originally 1 February 2014 before a six-month extension was granted, led many banks to adopt tactical rather than strategic solutions. Despite the addition of an extra transition period to bring credit transfers and direct debit payments into the SEPA format, some banks are still adopting a compliance-only approach.

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