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The Growth of Asian Players in Transaction Banking

Richard Hartung, gtnews | 20 August

While the major banks still have a dominant share for transaction banking and trade in Asia, according to Lachlan Colquhoun, head of markets analysis at East & Partners, who provided a recent briefing in Singapore, trends are shifting and local banks are positioned more strongly than before.

Never so Easy: How New Banking Technologies are Revolutionising the Industry

Simon Cadbury, Intelligent Environments | 18 August

Technology has been fundamental in transforming the banking industry. The automated teller machine (ATM) revolutionised consumer banking in the 20th century, allowing customers to take cash from their accounts without having to travel to the local branch. Following in its footsteps is online and mobile banking, providing consumers with easy and instant access to their accounts from their homes and while on the go. Banking has never been easier, and with innovations such as voice verification, fingerprint scanning and more advanced mobile payments systems entering the market, it can only get better.

Bank Payment Obligation: A Tortoise in the Race?

Oliver Spitz, UniCredit | 17 July

Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs), are becoming a popular alternative to both letters of credit (LCs) and open accounts, with their use predicted to catch up with LCs by 2020. This article outlines the benefits and also explains why until now take-up has been fairly subdued.

Consequences of Basel III for Notional Pooling

Dominic Hoogendijk, Enigma Consulting | 9 July

Over the next few years banks will have to prepare themselves for compliance with the new rules that the Basel III capital adequacy regime has set for financial institutions (FIs). The 2008 financial crisis and the introduction of Basel III have caused limitations in the available liquidity of companies. As a result, companies are looking for cash.

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