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Escaping NFC’s Groundhog Day

Dr. Windsor Holden , Juniper Research | 27 March

For several years, mobile contactless payments were trapped in a scenario from the film “Groundhog Day”, in as much as next year was always going to be The Year of Near Field Communication (NFC). Suddenly, two major developments have put an end to the inertia.

Q&A: How the Crisis Shaped Corporate Transaction Banking

Didier Vandenhaute, PwC - Bas Rebel, PwC | 24 March

In this interview with gtnews, Didier Vandenhaute a partner in PwC’s corporate treasury practice in Belgium and Bas Rebel, senior director treasury advisory in the Netherlands, offer their thoughts on the market dynamics of corporate transaction banking since the 2008 global financial crisis, new market entrants and other main drivers.

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