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Addressing the Weakest Link in Global Trade

Bryan Nella, GT Nexus | 31 October

Optimising working capital by putting a squeeze on smaller suppliers was deployed by many large corporates before the global financial crisis hit. However, more recently companies and their treasury departments have come to recognise the pitfalls of such an approach and instead are seeking means to fund the smaller operators that they depend on.

Managing Payables in a Networked Economy

Chris Rauen, Ariba | 30 October

Accounts payable (AP) practices focused on the manual processing of paper invoices creates a reactive department with roles defined by data entry, fixing invoice errors, and answering vendor phone calls about payment status. By creating new ways to collaborate with suppliers, business networks are helping to reshape the AP function.

Online Fraud: Understanding Risk and Compliance

Henrik Koch, Nordea | 29 October

For treasurers looking to manage their cash, keeping on top of risk and compliance is important. The landscape of threats and regulation is always changing. Banks such as Nordea are tasked with helping them navigate these changes so they can manage their impact on the business.