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Why Treasurers Crave Centralisation

Andrew Deichler 14 October


What do treasurers want? In a nutshell, to gain greater visibility and control over their cash, reduce risk and strengthen internal controls – key reasons why many treasuries are setting up payment and collection factories. While many treasuries are still hesitant to reduce their number of banking partners, recent studies show that third-party providers nevertheless are gaining on their more established counterparts. Payment factories have recently received an even further boost with the launch of the single euro payments area (SEPA). This week, gtnews examines what treasurers must do to maximise the efficiencies of payment factories. First, BNP Paribas’ Filipe Simão looks at three key developments that could be ‘game changers’ in the quest for the ultimate bank account model in Europe. Next, Citi’s Basak Toprak discusses how shared service centres (SSCs) present companies with the opportunity to centralise their receivables activities by bringing them under one roof.


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