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Construction: Risks & Rewards

Andrew Deichler 2 September


Perhaps more than any other industry, building and construction depends on the health of the economy. This week, gtnews looks at the current state of the construction sector and how it has adapted to the post-crisis environment. Richard Hunter of Hargreaves Lansdown begins our focus with an in-depth analysis of the UK property market. Next, Judith Donnelly of Clyde & Co. looks at how institutional investors and the government can come closer together to shore up investment in infrastructure, and Rupert Travis of Cunningham Lindsey explains why water is one of the greatest risks to construction projects. Also this week, we talk intraday liquidity risk with Nick Noble of SmartStream, and Karin Wornle of UniCredit Bank AG explains how virtual account structures can help treasury departments achieve a sleeker set-up


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Institutional Investors and the Infrastructure Investment Paradox

Judith Donnelly , Clyde & Co | 28 August

The central paradox facing the infrastructure industry today is that while some 60% of institutional investors have underspent their allocations to infrastructure, there is a global shortfall of investment in infrastructure of over US$1 trillion per year. The gap can be bridged though, by improving communication between stakeholders and structuring investment opportunities with the needs of institutional investors in mind.