Sibos 2014


Assessing the Brave New Era of Apple Pay

Graham Buck 30 September


Sibos 2014 has kicked off in Boston, as the annual conference returns to North America after three years. Daily reports from the conference are appearing on gtnews all this week, while our contributors examine the topics dominating the agenda. Several were probably not envisaged when the conference was being compiled, such as the political pressure from Europe for Swift to join the escalating sanctions war against Russia by ejecting the country from its transaction network. Although Swift has resisted, it did concede to similar pressure two years ago when Iran was the embargo target. Also recent and still making ripples is the unveiling of Apple Pay alongside the launch of the iPhone 6, which brings the long-awaited advent of the cashless society much closer. Both these issues, along with regulation and cryptocurrencies, are in our coverage from Boston. Read the full letter...  


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SEPA: From Compliance to Innovation

Mark McNulty, Citi - Edith Rigler, gtnews Freelance Consultant | 29 September

The pressure to be compliant with the single euro payments area (SEPA) end date, originally 1 February 2014 before a six-month extension was granted, led many banks to adopt tactical rather than strategic solutions. Despite the addition of an extra transition period to bring credit transfers and direct debit payments into the SEPA format, some banks are still adopting a compliance-only approach.

E-payments: Responding to the Customer as King

Amanda Gilmour, Temenos | 26 September

Regular attendees of past Sibos conferences will be encouraged to see the 2014 schedule shows many speakers adopting a fresh approach to their sessions. Naturally, as a SWIFT-organised event the programme will cover payment standards and formats but Sibos Boston offers a much broader picture.

Standing their Ground: SWIFT Service Bureaux

Peter Williams, gtnews | 26 September

Despite the launch of SWIFT’s AllianceLite2 in July 2012 the future still looks bright for third party service bureaux willing to adapt and innovate in the face of a changing competitive and technology landscape. Mohan Murali is president of Axletree Solutions, one of the leading SWIFT service bureaux (SSBs), for several major US corporates.