Emerging Markets


Emerging Markets: Maximising Opportunities, Minimising Risk

Graham Buck 18 November


Before Columbus and the discovery of the compass, a voyage by ship was a venture into the unknown and one assumed to be fraught with hazards. Developments in science and communications have effectively shrunk the globe over subsequent centuries. Nonetheless, for companies venturing beyond their home market for the first time the world's emerging markets can still represent a voyage of discovery. Potential pitfalls, ranging from volatile currencies and supply chain vulnerabilities to cultural differences and unfamiliar regulation still lurk to trap the unwary. This week's gtnews bulletin focuses on the emerging markets and the opportunities for the well-prepared company, ranging from the fast-growing insurance markets of the Asia Pacific region to the equally robust expansion of trade between Brazil and Korea and how companies are overcoming the various language and cultural barriers in order to carve themselves a slice of the action.

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