The Cash Conversion Cycle


Post-Crisis Cash Conversion

Andrew Deichler 29 July


Much has been written about how treasury's role has grown since the 2008-09 financial crisis, and with that growth has come greater visibility - and scrutiny. In particular, the cash conversion cycle (CCC), which is used to evaluate a company's ability to convert current resources into actual cash, is under a microscope. In this week's focus, we look at how the CCC has changed over the past five years and whether the cash management quality of corporates has improved in the challenging post-crisis business environment. Gil Gadot of Fundtech leads off this week's focus with a look at liquidity management. Enhancing the availability of liquidity can help improve the availability of cash across the business; therefore, banks need to provide their corporate clients with superior solutions. Also in this focus, Greg Person of Kyriba looks at how treasurers can reduce the cash conversion cycle through effectively managing working capital, Devashis Das of RBS offers some tips on how companies can convert assets into cash, and Stanley Tan of DBS Bank looks at how CFOs and treasurers can cut down on CCC time.

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Florent Michel, Latina Finance & Co | 31 July

Latin American unity might be a true political concept - given the sharing of historical fights for independence as well as military regimes followed by liberation movements - but certainly not economically. Intra-regional trade flows are still quite low at around 24%, against 55% in Asia and 74% in Europe. Meanwhile, the fortunes of the region’s two main economies are increasingly divergent.

Cash Management: Back Office Processing

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gtnews’ series of articles on the practical application of technology in corporate treasury continues with this analysis of treasury management system (TMS) support for back office processes. Written from the perspective of a treasury still supported by manual and spreadsheet processes and evaluating a new technology investment, it reviews the various administrative and workflow management issues in corporate treasury that can be improved through technology.

Feds Join the Cash Flow Chorus, but the Song Remains the Same

Drew Hofler, Ariba | 30 July

Taking a page from the successful playbook of the private sector in the United States, the federal government has jumped on the cash management bandwagon and is encouraging large US companies to pay their smaller suppliers earlier. Dubbed SupplierPay, the initiative is a welcome new voice calling for improved access to cash for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). By many accounts, SMEs are driving the majority of the country’s economic growth.